2. M-Mrk. with Sony

3. M-Enter. : Become a DJ on SkyRock Radio

4. M-Info. with Citibank

5. M-Mrk. to meet Pop Stars

6. M-Comm. : Informa - Ask the Chairman by SMS

7. M-Enter. : America's Cup

8. M-Enter. : Interact. Games on your Siemens Phone

9. M-Com. : Hotmail on SMS

10. M-Enter. with Shazam

11. M-Info. for Golfers

12. M-Mrk. Campaign with Pespi

13. M-Info. : Yellow Pages on SMS

14. M-Com. : Over The Air Payment For Java Content

15. M-Mrk. for Shoppers in Singapore

16. M-Enter. : SMS to TV with Tatamia

17. M-Enter. with Mobiquid

18. M-Enter. with Sportnews

19. M-Com. on Viva TV

20. M-Enter. : Urban Safari by SMS

21. M-Infor. : ZDNet on your Mobile

ZDNet Asia

Who:CNET Networks, ZDNet Asia

Where: Asia Pacific

What: ZDNet Asia is a ‘full service’ technology web destination for people looking to buy, use, and learn more about technology. ZDNet Asia launched a web based free SMS service in April 2001 for users to send SMS to friends or colleagues via the ZDNet site. Mobileway was selected to operate this service on behalf of ZDNet, selected on the strength of its ability to offer network and connections across various Asian countries via a single interface backed up with strong technical support.

Why: To ensure success the company needed to drive traffic to the site and increase usage. As online is traditionally a ‘pull’ vehicle a large level of marketing and promoting brand awareness to bring about an increase in audience was necessary, thus requiring extensive media spending and long term investment for the upkeep of this effort. To achieve this cost-effectively the company sought a regional push media and provider of this to increase the page views cost effectively across the Asia Pacific region. By deploying Mobileway’s Push Solutions, ZDNet Asia is able to offer mobile value added services for end-users and capture profiled mobile database for marketing and advertising to advertisers and business partners through these applications.

Outcome: The first two months following the launch of the service saw an overwhelming response, with messages skyrocketing to 150,000 messages significantly increasing the traffic and usage of the site as a whole and increasing page views. Originally launched only in Singapore, the response prompted ZDNet to extend it to Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia.