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20. M-Enter. : Urban Safari by SMS

21. M-Infor. : ZDNet on your Mobile

Urban Safari

Who:Urban Safari, Mobileway

Where: Paris and London

What: An interactive guide by mobile for short tours and themed safaris around Paris or London. Participants sign up on Urban Safariís site for their desired tour, chosen according to time and theme, such as gastronomy, culture, sports or tourism. Safari goers can choose to go on a private safari or join a like-minded community. Urban Safari confirms the details of the selected safari via SMS to the participantís mobile phone as well as the details of the start of the safari itself. During the safari itself, users are guided via SMS round relevant shops, restaurants, museums and other surprising places where Safari guides will be waiting to greet you. Real-time delivery of the SMS messages is critical to the success of the service and for this reason Mobileway was selected to handle the SMS connectivity.

Why: It offers individuals the chance to get to know a city through themed tours either individually or to join with like-minded individuals and make new friends.

Outcome: Based on the success of the service in London and Paris, Urban Safari are looking to extend to more cities in Europe in the near future.