2. M-Mrk. with Sony

3. M-Enter. : Become a DJ on SkyRock Radio

4. M-Info. with Citibank

5. M-Mrk. to meet Pop Stars

6. M-Comm. : Informa - Ask the Chairman by SMS

7. M-Enter. : America's Cup

8. M-Enter. : Interact. Games on your Siemens Phone

9. M-Com. : Hotmail on SMS

10. M-Enter. with Shazam

11. M-Info. for Golfers

12. M-Mrk. Campaign with Pespi

13. M-Info. : Yellow Pages on SMS

14. M-Com. : Over The Air Payment For Java Content

15. M-Mrk. for Shoppers in Singapore

16. M-Enter. : SMS to TV with Tatamia

17. M-Enter. with Mobiquid

18. M-Enter. with Sportnews

19. M-Com. on Viva TV

20. M-Enter. : Urban Safari by SMS

21. M-Infor. : ZDNet on your Mobile


Who: Mobileway, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, various resident vendors

Where: Singapore

What: Each of the 14 entrances to the shopping centre sports a poster and freestanding billboard informing shoppers of the SMS promotion and news service available within the shopping centre. It invites shoppers to send an SMS to the advertised number estimating the number of hours expected to be spent in the commercial centre. Following registration the user will be sent a welcome note offering shoppers the ability to personalise a profile as to areas of interest, be it leisure, food, furniture, clothes, books etc. For the duration of their stay within the shopping centre, shoppers will receive targeted text messages concerning shop events, promotions, money-off coupons and incentives for entering a wealth of competitions.

Why: To increase revenue generated per mall visitor

Outcome:The number of participating vendors grew very quickly following the launch of the campaign to include a whole host of promotions from discounted books, beauty products to free beverages in onsite restaurants and competitions to win electrical goods. User statistics are still to be analysed.