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3. M-Enter. : Become a DJ on SkyRock Radio

4. M-Info. with Citibank

5. M-Mrk. to meet Pop Stars

6. M-Comm. : Informa - Ask the Chairman by SMS

7. M-Enter. : America's Cup

8. M-Enter. : Interact. Games on your Siemens Phone

9. M-Com. : Hotmail on SMS

10. M-Enter. with Shazam

11. M-Info. for Golfers

12. M-Mrk. Campaign with Pespi

13. M-Info. : Yellow Pages on SMS

14. M-Com. : Over The Air Payment For Java Content

15. M-Mrk. for Shoppers in Singapore

16. M-Enter. : SMS to TV with Tatamia

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21. M-Infor. : ZDNet on your Mobile

OAAG Organization of Asian Amateur Golf

Who: OAAG, Mobileway

Where: Singapore

What: OAAG is able to organize tournaments and promotions on a weekly basis, by using Mobileway to conduct an SMS Push solution sending out promotion updates and information to OAAG members. Messages broadcasting green fee discounts or up and coming tournaments are met with enormous enthusiasm and involve all the OAAG’s members.

Why: The OAAG’s to stimulate interest for amateur golfers in Singapore by keeping the cost of green fees of participating golf country clubs low to widen the participation. To achieve this goal it is imperative to keep all costs at a minimum including the media spend. Given that today’s golfers are nearly 100% mobile phone owners, OAAG recognized that SMS would provide the ideal way to interact with their members and audience cost-effectively.

Outcome: On the first day of the SMS promotion launch, the OAAG achieved such an enormous response within the first hour that they filled up all the tournament slots up for grabs, so much so that they were able to cancel the 2nd broadcast scheduled for the following day. The original plan was for monthly information pushes, but due to the success the OAAG stepped this up to once a week. These type of response rates, often as high as 100% in the same day, have never been achieved through traditional media particularly with such a low operating cost.