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Who: Mobileway, Citibank

Where: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Guam, United Arab Emirates, Egypt

What: Citibank, one of the World's largest banking groups within Asia, has operated for the past 100 years within 14 countries with an employee base of around 30,000. Citibank launched its alerts service in 11 countries to provide customers with the flexibility to track their bank accounts and receive the latest news and stock prices anywhere in the world automatically via their mobile phones or Internet accounts. Customers sign up to receive alerts related to their spending habits and withdrawals to be sent to them, as well as the latest movements on the NASDAQ, New York and Singapore Stock Exchanges. Alerts on up to ten stocks can be monitored and triggered at any time, with a selection from a variety of options to monitor movements: rises above, drops below, percentage rise, percentage drop, yesterday close etc. Customers can also choose the frequency as well as the type of alerts.
Citibank uses mobile transaction leader Mobileway to ensure seamless delivery in real time of the SMS-based alerts via any host operator across the region. Time is critical to assure the success of the service.

Why: To arm Citibank's vast customer base with information needed to make quick and sound investment decisions.

Outcome: Launched initially on Singapore networks only, this alerts service has proved so popular it has now been rolled out to 11 countries world-wide with a view to extending it further. Initial success was assured through offering users an incentive to use the service by giving new subscribers the chance during the 3 month launch period to win a holiday for two to the Maldives.