2. M-Mrk. with Sony

3. M-Enter. : Become a DJ on SkyRock Radio

4. M-Info. with Citibank

5. M-Mrk. to meet Pop Stars

6. M-Comm. : Informa - Ask the Chairman by SMS

7. M-Enter. : America's Cup

8. M-Enter. : Interact. Games on your Siemens Phone

9. M-Com. : Hotmail on SMS

10. M-Enter. with Shazam

11. M-Info. for Golfers

12. M-Mrk. Campaign with Pespi

13. M-Info. : Yellow Pages on SMS

14. M-Com. : Over The Air Payment For Java Content

15. M-Mrk. for Shoppers in Singapore

16. M-Enter. : SMS to TV with Tatamia

17. M-Enter. with Mobiquid

18. M-Enter. with Sportnews

19. M-Com. on Viva TV

20. M-Enter. : Urban Safari by SMS

21. M-Infor. : ZDNet on your Mobile

Keeping the America’s Cup up to Scratch

Who: Le Défi Français (the French entrant),
Areva (global leader in nuclear power), Devoteam (Web integrator), and

Where: Global Coverage for the Race’s International Fan Base

What: The America’s Cup is the 3rd largest sport and media event in the World sporting calendar. Le Défi Français, sponsored by Areva, worked with Devoteam to launch two wireless services from Mobileway to enable America’s Cup fans to follow and support the French Boat during the world-wide regatta.
- Dedic8 : an application enabling fans to send requests and dedications via SMS. Dedic8 is one of the component applications in Mobileway’s Fun Suite platform. The text messages were displayed on special online banners posted on the Défi Français web site.
- Scratch Card : To meet the unique requirements of Areva’s marketing strategy to target their privileged customers & partners, Mobileway designed a unique News Alerts Service based on scratch cards.
Each card was based on the micro-payment solution (Stored Value Account) set up by Mobileway, and was credited with 50 SMS alerts. The card holders filled in a personal profile on the Défi Français web site giving the unique number featured under the scratch panel on their card, their phone number and their preferred language for news alerts (English or French).
In parallel with this service (management of PIN codes to scratch, design and production of the cards), Mobileway also provided journalists with a web interface to send their news alerts (in English or French) all day long to communicate news flashes such as powerful moments, winner of the day, race incidents
The scratch card holders received information by SMS in real time, world wide (USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc., in their pre-selected language.

Why: To offer an innovative, interactive and global service to Areva’s customers and America’s Cup fans across the Globe.

Outcome:Unfortunately the French entrant got knocked out in the first round of the regatta – however, despite Le Défi Français’ bad luck, the Dedic8 service was a successful tool with a large number of messages received from the vast fan base. The numerous encouragements sent to the racers were posted for view on both the Défi Français homepage and in the Viaduct Village, the final point of the race in Auckland. Thousands of Scratch Cards were distributed and these had a tremendous success largely due to the ability to customise application (according to the language) and the real-time impact of the alerts.