All 3G Media Lab MMS products support premium message ordering either by web, by incoming SMS shortcodes or by external interface.

An incoming sms and IVR will have the format of <customer id><space><ordercode>.

<CustomerID> is a string to identify differant marketing areas and will usaly have the format 3GM<numeric>. Something like <3G3> for media 3. This allows the customers to track advertising and 3 way profit splits.

<Ordercode> is a numeric number identifying the MMS message or ringtone in the database.

An error message will be sent back in SMS indicating if the <Ordercode> is not available.

• We can supply gateway acess to incoming SMS for most of Europe.
• IVR Order by calling a number and bill at the same time.
• Order thru the web an pay with PayPal.

Depending on the delivery model either a MMS Notification request, Operators mmsc or a wap push will be generated and sent to the end user. Billing is integrated in the MMS Notification Request or Wap push request. Depending on the billing model a Operators MMSC will usally require an extra premium SMS to be sent.