Free registration and No setup fee, pay only Only 40 Eurocent a message if you send !

MMS Group Messaging is a turnkey solution enabling you to compose MMS messages using your own content and send to groups of subscribers. Great for marketing and corporate messaging or for dating or chat applications requiring feedback.

Exceed the 160 characters SMS and get response from receivers in just seconds.

. Define subscribers with phone numbers.
. Add Subscribers to a group and send a MMS Message to those who are subscribed.
. Subscribers can add or delete themselves using SMS
. Compose MMS messages and upload content.
. Use as many characters as you like.
. Send Word or Excel documents to those phones that support it ie. P800 from Ericsson.
. Use Smil attributes.
. Trancoding to supported phone features.
. Web Based
. Will Reach most phone subscribers globaly using Super MMS technology.
. No Installation required.

.Net C# Source code available for royalty free distribution for partners.

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