We are connected to MMSC in the German and Norwegian Networks
We can deliver super MMS for all other networks.

We can bill via Premium SMS in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland.

Please contact us for details and pricing for gateway access.

All 3G Media Lab MMS products support MMSC connectivity or Super MMS delivery.

As defined as a standard in the celluar network, each operator has their own MMSC serving their cellular customers. MMS Messages to cellular users in other operator networks shall be routed inter operator and billed by operators.

Effort has been used by the involved operators to regulate this issue. Usually messages are billed with a fixed price to the end user. GPRS traffic is then free for downloading the messages and requires a uniqe APN. Several major efforts have been made by third parties to launch their own MMSC. Most of these have failed due to operator intervention.

We support three ways for delivering MMS :

. Operator MMSC connection
You share or establish an operator MMSC connection agreement, preferably where the operator in the future will roam and route the message to other networks. We support connecting to most major MMSC's such as Nokia, Ericsson and CMG using MM7, MM4 and MM1 protocol.
Pro's: Will reach all operator subscribers in the network.
Con's: Expensive need own connection for each operator, limited message size, no user feedback and some operators only support premium MMSC connectivity or none at all. In 12 to 24 months operators will supporting roaming and transcoding and this will be the future MMS gateway. No content protection. Many operators will not allow adult material to be download using thier mmsc.

. Super MMS gateway
We have designed a WAP application running within the WAP browser giving the opportunity to play and display MMS messages using SMIL, even on phones not supporting smil such as the Nokia 7650.
Pro's :Cheap. Reaches most phones in most markets with no extra phone configuration, using well known standards such as WAP and SMS. No message size restriction, user feedback as the IP connection is open to the phone during message read. Transcoding supported. Will allow recevier to store images, but not forward the message.
Con's : Not an MMS message as defined by 3GPP and some users will react.

. Private MMSC or Wap Push gateway
This is the one where you read "Download your own MMSC". The gateway sends the phone a Wap Psuh message. The phone will retrieve the message from a wap gateway using it's current configuration.
Pro's: Will reach all subscribers provided they configure the phone to the private MMSC and change the APN to an open IP connection. Will reach and work on phones in some cases without phone configuration.
Con's: All subscribers using differant phone configuration will pay data traffic to download operator MMS's, if they work at all. Has lead to major complaints from users. No content protection.

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