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Some Information about premium messaging

MO Message from the subscriber

MT Message sent to the subscriber

Premium SMS/MMS A message costing the subscriber more than the regular payment. Used for ring tones, logos, mms pictures etc.

Premium Billing An unique agreement is required for each operator in each country you want to serve. We will share our agreements with you.

Free Nothing is free

Split The operator will take 20 to 50 % of the end user message price for doing the billing.

Spam Most operators will count the number of MO thus not allowing spam premium MT messages.

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Frequently asked Questions about MMS Studio:

1.1 General Questions

Why do I need a System to manage my MMS Content? There are free Composers for example from SonyEricsson and Golive that can already export SMIL?
These tools are very useful to learn about SMIL and MMS. Unfortunately, the implementation of MMS, SMIL, displays, image formats and audio formats in the phones, for example in SonyEricsson T68i and Nokia 7650 are so different, that it is not possible to make one file with these tools that would satisfactory run on both phones. Liquid Air Lab MMS Studio enables publishers to be connected with operators and to start profitable MMS Services fast. The output of the MMS is optimized for each device, so that the content needs to be stored only once in the system.

In the middle of this graphic you can see how the image Transcoding and delivery works. In 6 months there will be at least 100 different MMS phones, so you would most likely not want to create 100 different versions of your MMS Content. Therefore, a system with automatic transcoding is needed.

Is it possible to publish Portals with MMS Studio, or do I need to have a separate Content Management System?
Liquid Air Lab MMS Studio contains complete Portal,- and Content Management features. This is a high-value for customers, because the integration of MMS to your site will be easy, while running on one standard platform.

Can I integrate MMS Content from partner companies or content aggregators to MMS Studio?
Yes, MMS Studio contains very flexible tools for the integration of the content of content partners or aggregators. Standard XML-interfaces guarantee the fast integration and flexibility.

If I have MMS Studio and want to deliver my content to affiliates, how can that happen?
The teaser images of your content can be exported either as a database export or as static HTML pages, which the affiliates can re-layout and bind to their sites. This can happen without the need of extra software at the affiliates site. The orders will be transported per HTTP to MMS Studio and then the MMS will be transcoded, sent and the transactions executed.

Can I have MMS Studio or the MMS Composer customized to look like my site or portal?
Yes, the user interface is programmed with HTML and Java Server Pages, and is easily customizeable.

Can the whole composer and the MMS Studio application can be branded for third parties, for example for an operator?
Yes, because the user interface is programmed with HTML and JSP.

The MMS Studio is written in JAVA, and uses JAVA Server Pages (JSP) for the front-end. We are using other technologies, PHP and ASP. Can we still bind MMS Studio and the MMS content to our Portal?
Yes, there are many ways to connect the MMS content to the portals. You can make database exports, export static templates with the content and connectivity and then build them to your pages. We also have a Flash version of the studio making deployment to end users even faster.

1.2 MMS Composer Questions

I have seen, that many Operators have already MMS Composers. They seem to be very bulky and do not offer multimedia functions, such as multi-track Timelines or Drag & Drop. How does the MMS Composer of Liquid Air Lab differ from these?
We wanted to create a composer that is allowing the user to compose and manage MMS Content in a more innovative and intuitive way. The Timelines and Live Preview make the use really comfortable. See this screenshot.

Can I Drag & Drop images from the Media Album to the Composer?
Yes, after you have selected an image to be used in your MMS, you can drag it to the composer.

The Media Archive of Liquid Air Lab looks good, but we already have a CMS, which contains a Media Database. Can we use our own Media Database?
Yes! The MMS Composer is capable of fetching the images from remote URLs! So it will be very easy to integrate MMS Studio with third-party CMS Systems.
The MMS Phones out there are different from their support of SMIL, display sizes and color.

Do I have to compose one version of every MMS to each phone?
No, that would make too much work for you! The MMS are stored in the database in XML format, and will be transcoded first when they are sent to the end devide, optimized in size, colour, SMIL, and other features.

Is it possible to sort the images after they are in the Slides?
Yes, just drag the slide to another place.

Can I add text above an image or at the bottom of an image? Is it possible to have slides with text only?
Yes, you can have text elements above or at the bottom of an image in each slide. Slides with text only are also possible. For the text you can select the size, color and background color.

Can I select the image that will be shown as a teaser image on my Website or is it always the first image of the MMS?
Yes, there is a small rectangle on each slide,which can be selected to mark it as a teaser.

How exact can I set the Timelines?
The Timelines have the accuracy of 1/10 seconds.

Which Image Formats are supported?

GIF and JPEG formats are supported in the composer. The Liquid Air Lab System can save any of these formats in the Media Archive. Because the system contains an image transcoder, the images are kept in the archive in higher resolution, to be able to optimize the output to any end device.

What Audio Formats are supported in the Composer?
Wav or MP3 formats are supported.

If I have created and an MMS, can I open it for re-editing?
Yes, all MMS are saved in the MMS Studio database and can be re-edited any time.

1.3 Media Archive Questions

What media Formats can be saved in the Media Archive?
MMS Studio Media Archive can store all binary formats, images, audio, video and other formats.

Can the media be categorized in some way?
Yes, all media objects can be categorized, so that they can easily be found afterwards.

Can I Drag & Drop images and sounds to MMS Composer?
Yes. You can drag the images directly to the slides and the audio files to the timeline.

How many media objects can be stored in the media database?
Virtually unlimited. The only limit is the hard disc capacity of the server platform.

Can media objects be valid for a limited time, for example for a campaign?
Yes, you can set a timeframe for an object, and after that it will not be available for the Composer any more.

Can we set the Media Archive so that people only see their own images, or only the images of the group they belong to?
Yes, MMS Studio is having a system for roles and permissions, so you can for example let the sport editors see the sport images, and the culture editors the images they are interested in.

What information is available for a media object?
The meta fields can be defined freely, but the Title, Status, Original FileName, Date, Last Change, Author, Description, Categories and start and end dates are available at any time.

Can we store Streaming Video in the Media Archive, we are planning to sell Video Clips for Nokia 7650?
Yes, the Media Archive is supporting the storage and Preview of Oplayo MVQ format and MPEG4 format. The Streaming Video files can also be previewed directly in the Media Archive.

1.4 MMS Device Emulator and MMS Preview Questions

We want to provide our users a proper preview before they send or save their composed MMS, what kind of a preview does MMS Studio provide?
MMS Studio has 2 different MMS Device Emulators, one made in Flash and one made in JAVA. The Look and feel is about the same,although the Flash Device Emulator has more animation.

All the MMS Phones currently on the market are emulated there, SonyEricsson T68i, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3510, Nokia 6610 and Nokia 3650. The Emulators play the MMS exactly as made with the MMS Composer.

Can the preview functionality be also used on a public Website, to show the users how the MMS looks like?
Oh yes! The Device Emulator can be used and it is part of MMS Studio.

How easy is it to add new phones to the Device Emulator?
Very easy, the configuration is made with XML.

If I have made a change in an MMS Sequence, can I get a preview immediately in all phones?
Yes. You can look the MMS immediately with one click, and then switch to the device you want to look at.

1.5 Image Transcoding and Conversion questions

When you send the MMS from MMS Studio to phones, how do you assure that the SMIL and the images match the end users phone?
The Liquid Air Server has a builtin image transcoding and conversion engine. It is scaling, cropping and cutting the images and matching the colors to the end users phones capabilities. The SMIL is also made exactly to match the phone specs.

There are companies, that are specialized in image conversion appliances that match images to phones, do I need to purchase such an equipment?
No. This functionality is bailie Liquid Air Lab Server.

1.7 Licensing and Performance Questions

Do I need to setup a Server Farm to host the MMS Studio, or can it be hosted by an ISP?
MMS Studio has 2 licensing options:

- A purchase License, where a customer licenses the whole technology, and makes the hosting of the applications himself.

- An ASP license, where the whole Solution is hosted by Liquid Air Lab.

We are a Mobile Operator, is the MMS Studio scalable enough to handle our traffic?
Absolutely, MMS Studio is fully programmed on J2EE platform, and can be clustered in 3 layers, the Web Layer, Application Server-Layer and Database Layer.

We are a Web Portal, we think MMS Studio is great, but can we afford to use such a complex system as the MMS Studio?
Yes, the ROI of MMS Studio is very good, normally the investments are paid back in 3 to 6 months.